What We do

Radon Mitigation

Done Right First Time

We will provide the best in class radon mitigation service at Fort Collins when
the test results in a higher level of radon at your building.

We are professionals with high-level activity to accurately design and to
install a radon mitigation system. We ensure that the final system is
positioned and sized appropriately to accomplish the optimal radon level
reduction and not cause any potential issues in the building and safety of
people staying there.

We will install the very best Radon Mitigation system at Fort Collins to keep the radon in your home away and your family.

Contact us today – to receive a free quote and help you with the installation of
the mitigation systems. You safety is our focus!

A properly installed radon mitigation system can run unnoticed, so you will not be annoyed by the constant fan running sound.

We care about the health and safety of our customers, so after we install your radon mitigation system, we will follow up at a later date to retest your home’s radon level. We guarantee 100% that your radon level will be reduced and everyone in your home will stay protected. Call one of our radon specialists today to learn more about our radon mitigation services in the Fort Collins area.

Radon Testing

First Step To Healthy Air

The radon test is done to find the amount of radon at your home. It is advised
to do the test by hiring an expert professional who is certified and licensed to
measure the radon content at your building. This is especially important if you
need an unbiased result when a third party such as real estate transactions
are involved.

With the accurately done radon test help you in deciding the need to reduce
the radon level. The two basic types of the radon test are –

Short term Radon Testing –
The test that measures radon levels for 27 days, and is the best way to start
the quick screening of the home for the radon level.

Long term Radon Testing –
The test to measures the radon level for minimum of 90 days. It includes both
heating and non-heating seasons in a year. It is the best way to check the
average annual level of radon at your home.

radon testing in Fort Collins